The Concept of Panca-sila, Its Roots and Some Influences

Do Thu Ha


All the religions of the world are based on the fundamental principles of good conduct and prohibit their followers from indulging in the misconduct and misbehavior that may harm the society at large. However, nothing appears without its root. India is famous for her heritage of philosophy and culture having got a deep system of thoughts, beautiful values and profound influences on other countries.

The paper mentions the concept of Panca-sila, the origins and some of its influences on India and Southeast Asia. The paper has four parts: 1. The concept of Panca-sila in the Upanishadic ideas; 2. The connectivity of Panca-sila with Buddha; 3. The Panchsheel Treaty by Jawaharlal Nehru; and 4. Panca-sila in Sukarno’ philosophy.

Received 22nd June 2018; Revised 2nd April 2019; Accepted 14th April 2019


Panca-sila; Panchsheel treaty; Nehru; Sukarno.


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