International Conference "The archive sources on Vietnam in the modern history: Value and accessibility"

Tran Van Kham


VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi in the coordination with Aix-Marseille, France organized the International Conference on " The archive sources on Vietnam in the modern history: value and accessibility" on 27th October 2016. This conference attracts a wide range of participants from Vietnam, America, German, Japan and France to share and update the research work about the forms of archive sources, its roles on doing social research related to Vietnam word wide.

More than 30 papers presented 2 panels with 7 sections. The first panel, document sources about Vietnamese history and politics in modern period, consists of papers in Western sources about Vietnamese history: current status and prospects; archive sources about history of Vietnam in the French colonial period: the trap of diversity; categories related to Ho Chi Minh in complex fonts of Slotfom; relics of archives and evidence: historical sources for doing current historical research in the Northern of Vietnam… And the second one, about the Vietnamese society and economics in modern time, covers papers in titles of: Introduction archive blocks of Japanese trading companies in Vietnam in premodern and modern time; historical sources about Vietnamese migration: case of Japanese (1880-1950); documents about the association operations during the French colonial period in the national archive centers of Vietnam and France, etc.

It is significant conference to look for the value of the archives sources and the worthy event for 25th year anniversary establishment of the Faculty of Archive and Office Managements, VNU-USSH, and the milestone of 50th year on training the archive program in Vietnam.

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