kolaborasi musik

2022 continues to be a difficult time for musicians. To make this even easier, it's certainly worth exploring your options for collaborating online and taking advantage of the wide network of musicians and producers.

In the past, musicians were condemned to become bandmates and local producers. This can be a challenge, especially for those who live in more remote areas. Not to mention getting a chance to be heard by some of the major labels is a pretty much impossible mission!

Today, many websites and apps offer you the opportunity to connect with musicians from around the world and collaborate. You can easily find a manufacturer that can make a difference. Finally, if you can show your music to the world, someone important will definitely hear you.


For more than a decade, Kompoz has been one of the leading platforms for online music collaboration. It's the perfect tool for producers looking for other musicians and producers to collaborate with in real time, all over the world. This website offers many options but is still easy to use. It doesn't matter if you are a producer or a musician, you can sign up to be a part of any project. Of course, the person initiating the project selects the crew.

In addition, there are Community and Groups pages. The first is a social corner where you can share your live shows, talk about music, future projects, and more. The Groups page consists of many groups related to things like instruments, software, genres, etc.

The best thing about Kompoz is that you can sign up for free. Of course, there are some improvements, but you won't miss anything important if you stick with the free membership.

Sound Better

Even today, there aren't many apps like SoundBetter. This platform will be a great tool for everyone who makes music. Basically, it connects musicians with audio professionals, so they can get high-quality mixes that were only reserved for big record companies in the past.

Cara kerja platform ini cukup sederhana. Anda memposting pekerjaan, menguraikan apa yang Anda butuhkan, dan kemudian memilih salah satu yang tampaknya seperti kandidat terbaik. Itu harus menjadi salah satu dengan peringkat terbaik. Setelah pekerjaan selesai, Anda juga dapat menilai dan memberikan umpan balik kepada kolaborator Anda. Gratis untuk mendaftar dan menjelajah.


One of the Procollabs is a large community that includes producers, musicians, songwriters, lyricists, sound engineers, etc. If you're a producer, this is a great place to find some musicians to take part in your project. If you need backing vocals, guitar solos, or lyrics for your project, this is the place to find collaborators.

On the other hand, a good musician probably won't have a problem licensing his music for various projects at Procollabs. This is a great way to sell your music skills.

You can sign up for free and then go for an upgrade plan if you need more online storage.


Compared to Procollabs and other similar platforms, Vocalizr is much more specific. If you're a producer, you probably know how hard it can be sometimes to find a decent vocalist.

At Vocalizr, you just need to post your project to audition and then select the best candidate. This platform is useful for producers and singers. There's no easier way to make an audition with so many candidate choices. On the other hand, singers will get a chance to realize their talents and even be discovered by major players in the industry.


Melboss is a gathering place for musicians and producers. One of the best things about this platform is that you can easily connect with several industry professionals and get reviews of your songs or other works.

You can also use the platform to connect with potential collaborators, but the opportunity to get an opinion from someone with a big name in the industry sounds even more amazing.

Find your mentor and ask for a review of your work. You get a mentoring session of at least 30 minutes. The way it works is simple. Create a profile, search for platforms, connect and collaborate.

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